Our team provides detailed EnISSA MIP investigations to the consulting community, problem owners or contracters in Europe. Every project benefits from a dedicated approach whith the necessary support for the further remediation process.

Our on-site operators are experienced in the data interpretation and are able to give real-time feedback during a dynamic sampling plan. 

Typically each 30 cm, concentration data for individual compounds are generated.  The data is generated on the field which makes it possible to dynamically delineate source and plume.

The information for individual compounds and the electrical conductivity of the soil are graphed on-line. This allows the operator to determine the location of the contaminant, the relative concentration of the contaminant and the soil in which the contaminant is located. The EnISSA results can be used to determine the location where monitoring wells should be placed or the interval for injection of remediation materials.

Parameters which are available on the field are:

  • Characterization of individual compounds
  • Concentration level of individual compounds
  • PID results
  • soil conductivity
  • CPT measurements if required
  • probing speed
  • Membrane temperature
  • gas flow pressure
  • HPT pressure/flow